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Offer your own STEM Ambassador Activity

Once your STEM Ambassador account is active, having completed the induction and PVG/DBS check processes, you are able to place an "Offer" on the digital platform through the "Offers" menu. This is your opportunity to advertise what you are able to do as a STEM Ambassador, directly to activity organisers. So if you have a great idea for an activity, whether it's a presentation for a class at a school, a challenge or club for a youth group, or you are keen to work with teachers/youth group leaders directly to help them understand your subject area, offer it!

This functionality lets you take charge of your volunteering, and helps activity organisers to engage with you and with STEM-based activities they might never have thought to ask for.

Here are some top tips for making sure your offer is as attractive as possible:

  • Make the Activity Title simple and descriptive. If you plan for it to take place in a physical location add that in, or say that it's online.

e.g "Interactive Rocks and Fossils lesson in Glasgow"

  • Choose an Activity Type that is as close as possible to what you're offering, but remember you can add more details in the description.

  • It's helpful to add some information about yourself in the description, as well as details of the activity itself. Mention any relevant experience, include your availability and how flexible you can be, describe what your activity includes and how it will be done.

e.g "I am a geologist working for a small company in Glasgow.

I have been a STEM Ambassador for two years. I have successfully run this session


I'm available to do the session on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons.

I will show pupils the basics of how rocks are formed, what fossils are and show

some examples. After the session, pupils will be able to describe how a fossil is


The session will take about an hour but can make it shorter or longer to suit. "

General tips:

If your Offer is in support of a bigger activity, campaign or programme include that in the title to make it easy to find. E.g. CREST, Young STEM Leader or Maths Week.

Remember your Offer won't be visible until you 'publish' it. You can withdraw or update it at any time.

If an activity organiser is interested they will express their interest on your Offer and you will be notified. Once you're happy you can 'offer the activity' the activity organiser will then create this as an activity with the agreed date, time and location.

If you're a teacher or lead a youth/community group, you can find out more about using STEM Ambassadors here.


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