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Partnering to tackle the tech sector skills shortage

ScotlandIS, Tech She Can and STEM Ambassadors in Scotland are working together to help promote skills and careers in technology to our young people across the country.


We know that one of the reasons behind the current digital skills gap is young people, especially girls, choosing not to pursue STEM subjects at school, or not having the opportunity to do so. Another is a lack of relatable and visible role models working in STEM roles.


By combining our resources, our volunteers can help encourage young people into STEM careers, showing them the variety of opportunities that a future STEM career could offer them, and promoting diversity in the sector from a young age.

STEM Ambassadors in Scotland

STEM Ambassadors work with educators and community groups to provide experiences that have a life-changing impact on young people across the UK and encourage them to explore and engage with STEM subjects and careers.


ScotlandIS Digital Critical Friends

Digital Critical Friends is an initiative developed by ScotlandIS in partnership with DYW Glasgow, and supported by Skills Development Scotland’s Industry in the Classroom, to encourage and inspire young people to pursue careers in tech.

A Digital Critical Friend is a volunteer from the tech industry that is matched with a secondary school in Scotland to mentor and support Computing Science teachers by sharing their knowledge and experience.

Tech She Can

Through its 'Tech We Can' programme, Tech She Can provides free educational resources to inspire children (aged 5 - 14) about the world of technology and the variety of tech career opportunities that are available. These include on-demand video lessons, lesson packs for teachers, and short animated lessons.

Tech She Can also runs a volunteering programme where individuals can train to become Tech We Can Champions, delivering its resources to students in schools, either in person or virtually. No specialist knowledge is needed and volunteers also become STEM Ambassadors as part of the champion training.

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