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Forestry & Aquaculture in STEM Week in partnership with Lantra Scotland (22 -  26 November 2021) was a showcase of the unique people and careers in the Forestry and Aquaculture sectors. 

During the week there was opportunities to engage with STEM Ambassadors from a variety of careers through videos, profiles and live talks. As well as sessions for teachers and careers advisors and people working in industry to find out how they can become a STEM Ambassador.

During the week two school competitions launched: 

  • The Chief Forester’s Challenge:
    A forestry themed competition for Primary Schools 

  • Aquaculture in Scotland Challenge:
    An aquaculture themed competition for Secondary Schools 

Even though the week is now over, you can still access all the resources. Check out the resources section or download the teacher guide. 

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We've put together a collection of resources to support your activity throughout Forestry and Aquaculture in STEM Week and beyond!

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Chief Forester’s

Primary school competition 

What does Aquaculture
mean to Scotland? 

Secondary school competition 

A forestry themed competition to design your own treehouse - the treehouse needs to be made of timber, and you will need to think about where the treehouse could be built/placed.

A project-based competition for secondary school pupils to answer the question: What does aquaculture mean to Scotland? This could include entries from across the curriculum - business pupils providing an entry of the economic benefits, science pupils looking at the STEM job roles in the industry, etc.

Prizes up for grabs include:

£50 Amazon voucher for the pupil with the winning entry, as well as £250 worth of STEM or educational kits for the school. 

£30 Amazon voucher prize for pupil 

£20 Amazon voucher prize for pupil 

You can view more information, including Terms and Conditions for the competition over on Lantra Scotland's website.

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