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Collaborating with Royal Academy of Engineering

Over the last couple of months STEM Ambassadors in Scotland Hub have been working with the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) Connecting STEM Teachers network to develop a collaborative partnership to best support the practitioners they work with.

The STEM Ambassador in Scotland team have joined the school co-ordinators on 4 occasions so far to deliver an RAEng resource information session; 2 for the Highland region, 1 in the North East region and another in Glasgow. All these sessions have been delivered online and have reached around 15 schools in total. The Hub gives information about how the teachers can request STEM Ambassadors with an engineering background to support the use of the RAEng hands-on kits in the classroom during these sessions.

To embed the use of STEM Ambassadors in the Connecting STEM Teachers network in Scotland we have also discussed creating template activities for teachers, information session for STEM Ambassadors and template offers, STEM Ambassador slides for the RAEng school co-ordinators to deliver and RAEng teacher and STEM Ambassador networking sessions.

This relationship is in the early stages of development and is a very exciting opportunity. The benefits of a unified Scottish Hub have also become apparent as we can offer the school co-ordinators the same package and consistent information across the region.


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