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STEM Ambassador and Book Blogger Michelle shares her top child and young adult book picks

This Book Week Scotland, Book Blogger and STEM Ambassador Michelle Kelly told us about her favourite STEM-related books:

The Last Day by Andrew Hunter Murray

What would you do if the world stopped turning? Join fellow STEM Ambassadors and STEM enthusiasts as we throw ourselves into the future with this dystopian read featuring scientist Ellen Hopper as she tries to discover a secret. A great introduction to the dystopian fiction realm for young adults – helping to prompt the scientific mind in all of us!

A Life On Our Planet by Sir David Attenborough

Why not learn about our planet from the Grandfather of Nature himself. In this memoir from everyone’s favourite man we learn not only about him but about our fantastic world and what we can do to help save it for generations to come! Talking about where we, as humans, have gone wrong and what small steps we can take to make it right and “rewild the world”.

A fascinating book by a fascinating man! A copy should be nestled under everyone’s Christmas tree this year!

Who Killed Miss Finch? by Peter Boon

The perfect first whodunit novel for any young adult. Set in Chalk Gap high school, librarian and rookie-detective Edward Crisp is on the case to solve the mystery of the head teachers death!

Boon is one of the UK’s most promising up and coming indie authors and this is a delightful introduction to the crime genre for all young adults with an aroma of Agatha Christie thrown in!

Looking for a great book for a cosy night in? Look no further!

This Book Is Full of Brains by Little House of Science

This book is a barrel of fun and perfect for our young STEM learners! With lots of fun activities, bright coloured images and so many interesting facts it is a fabulous book to have on all bookshelves! There’s even so many fascinating things that some adults don’t know!!

I cannot recommend this book enough to STEM learning families as it will keep your little ones busy and learning for hours!

Let’s put those engineering brains to the test!

How many books do you have on a shelf or in a cupboard at home? Why not make a wonderful Christmas display from your books?!

Use red and black books to build your own postbox? Use white and black books to build your own snowman (who will never melt!) or set yourself a challenge to balance books and create your own magnificent snowflake!?

There is so much more to do with books than just read them, you can create wonderful displays at home too!


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