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Careers Carnival

During the week, we'll be running our Careers Carnival as part of STEM Ambassadors in Scotland Week.

We'll be providing recordings of sector-specific sessions featuring short presentations from STEM Ambassadors. Schools can simply access the ones that interest them.

Information for Schools

These sessions are suitable for any secondary-aged pupil and will be an introduction into the different STEM careers available. Each session will last for 30 minutes and focus on a specific sector which at least one presentation from a STEM Ambassador you can either listen to a specific presentation or the whole panel which will also include questions at the end.

Check out the videos on the Careers Carnival webpage

My World of Work Live, brought to you by Skills Development

Scotland, are supporting the Careers Carnival by providing a series of linked videos to give more information about STEM sectors, job and entry routes. Find these videos on the Careers Carnival webpage.

If you would like to be involved or more information on this then register your interest.


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