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Celebrating Scotland

Learn more about the amazing, innovative and unique STEM projects, careers and industries happening across Scotland with our Celebrating Scotland videos.

During STEM Ambassador in Scotland Week, we will be sharing these videos with schools.

Videos will be around 3 minutes in length and feature a variety of different STEM Ambassadors talking about their jobs in STEM.

Find all the videos on the Celebrating Scotland webpage.

Information for Schools

These videos are aimed at P6/7 - S1/2 although might be suitable for other age groups at the teacher's discretion. Links to the videos will be sent out at the beginning of STEM Ambassador in Scotland Week but you can watch them at any time.

We have also created an activity sheet of suggested questions and tasks for learners to do after they've watched the videos. You can download this on the Celebrating Scotland webpage.

If you would like to receive these videos please register your interest.


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