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What do STEM Ambassadors know?

Our volunteers have been learning a lot this summer, with more training opportunities in the calendar still to come.

We hope that learning more about what they've been involved with will help you to consider the various types of support you could ask for, so here's a snapshot of the recent and upcoming information and training sessions.

Chemistry in the Scottish curriculum

Learning about Royal Society of Chemistry resources linked with the Scottish curriculum, and thinking about activity ideas.

Supporting the Young STEM Leader Award

Finding out how to get involved with activities with young people, or becoming a Tutor Assessor for the award.

Improving Gender Balance and Equalities

A range of workshops including how to improve the inclusivity of activities, and how to be a positive role model.

Supporting CREST Awards

How to support hands-on STEM projects for young people as a CREST Awards Mentor.

Maths and numeracy in the Scottish curriculum

An introduction into how maths and numeracy is taught in Scotland, what topics are covered and when, and how to talk positively about maths and how it is used in all jobs.

Making STEM activities accessible for those with anxiety

Tips from a STEM Ambassador about how to make activities/lessons accessible for young people with anxiety, as well as her experiences managing her own.

Supporting Maths Week Scotland

Hearing from the team about this year's events and how to support them.

Secrets of Science Communication

Tips and tricks of communicating science to young people effectively


If you have questions the events and activities STEM Ambassadors can support you with please get in touch!


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