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Ambassadors in Action - DYW Live Pathways Week, Karen Gerrie

STEM Ambassador activities don't always go to plan but we are always here to support and assist you to overcome any challenges.

Here Karen tell's us how she coped and overcame some technology challenges in her pursuit to push herself as an ambassador. Thank you Karen we appreciate the work you do.

What could possibly go wrong, me, technology and a live presentation. All I had to do was talk about what I do, my career path and the skill sets required to do a similar job. Away I went, prepared a presentation covering where I work, what I do in words that are easily understood along with information about the distilled spirits industry.

I took a trip down memory lane, describing the positions I have held in the company to get where I am today, along with the required skill sets to do a job like mine. That was the easy part. I couldn’t work out how to access the technology test, didn’t know how to write a punchy description of the presentation then the system kept crashing on the day and I was unable to present live. I reached out, everyone helped out, got me sorted and we recorded the presentation along with some questions so that students could watch it as a later date. We support DYW with a number of initiatives, so it was great to be able to support this pathways event.

I try pick activities that push me out of my comfort zone, like writing a blog, I have never written a blog in my life. I often find that as well as giving information to the target audience, many of the skills used for preparation/ participation of STEM offers can also be used in the World of Work. There is lots of help and support out there for the sessions, I just need to brush up on my technical skills now.


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