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Education Industry Partnerships - Neptune Energy Case Study

At SSERC and STEM Ambassadors in Scotland, we work in partnership with individuals and organisations who are committed to support STEM learning experiences in Scottish education. Our Education Industry Partners (EIPs) are a growing list of people who represent an increasingly diverse range of settings and specialisms, all with the shared value to develop and deliver inspirational and engaging STEM Learning opportunities for educators and their learners.

Neptune Energy joined us as one of our first EIP's in September 2021 and worked with STEM Ambassadors from Neptune Energy supporting four secondary schools from Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire to complete an energy based challenge.

The challenge launched in December 2021 and concluded with a showcase event in June 2022. Five STEM Ambassadors, four teachers and 20 students were involved.

Each team were asked to design a renewable energy power station taking into account the information Neptune Energy staff shared about energy transition. Each team had the opportunity to work on this from February to June and were asked to present their plans at the showcase event.

Banff Academy were the winning team on the day. They presented a well thought out solution for tidal wave power to the judges. They successfully managed the challenge of team members dropping out throughout the project due to exam pressures. They also worked extremely well together on the team challenge.

Every student who was involved in the showcase received a certificate and an Amazon voucher, with the winning team also receiving a prize for their school.

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Read the full case study.

Neptune Energy EIP Case Study
Download PDF • 1.40MB


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