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For Partners: STEM Ambassador in Scotland week 2022

STEM Ambassador in Scotland Week 2022 is almost here! 31 January to 6 February.

The partners we work with are an essential part of what makes STEM Ambassadors in Scotland work, between us we produce, promote and provide access to wonderful opportunities for both STEM ambassadors and practitioners and we want to celebrate this.

We are fortunate to have partnered with many great organisations and had the opportunity to work together to create meaningful events for practitioners across Scotland

One of our newest partnerships is with the3engineers a group of (you guessed it) 3 engineers and now authors who have written a series of books for primary children featuring Scout an intrepid adventurer who helps to raise awareness of current environmental issues.

Along with STEM Ambassadors in Scotland the3engineers recently ran a book reading and information session on engineering to 150 schools across the country.

Our work continues with them to help make these books and supporting resources available, you can read more about it here. When we work together we achieve great things.

We want to showcase the work that our partners and STEM Ambassadors do to as big an audience as possible and that is why we are asking you to help promote the event before and during the week via email and social media.

We are asking you to share stories of the STEM Ambassador events and activities that you have been involved in using the hashtag #SAISWeek across social media and helping us encourage others to sign up.

We have created a social media pack full of great graphics and ideas for social media post and we would love you to take a look and help spread the word.

Our own social media will be filled with examples of the work our partners have done throughout the year, so keep an eye out and don't forget to share.

Share a workshop or resource - do you have something you can offer practitioners or community groups across Scotland?

Many of the partners we work with have developed a host of activities that we are proud to share with out practitioners and provide ambassador support to deliver.

Examples include the University of Strathclyde's U.S.S Alba resource and The Royal Aeronautical Society Prestwick's World of Aviation

If you have something you think would be a great fit for STEM Ambassadors in Scotland get in touch at and we can work together to provide great STEM opportunities for all.

Visit our event webpage to find out more.

All our social media channels are below.


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