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Get involved with the Young STEM Leader Programme!

What is the Young STEM Leader Programme?

The Young STEM Leader Programme is an opportunity for young people in Scotland to inspire, lead and mentor their peers through the creation and delivery of STEM activities, events or interactions. By completing the programme it is hoped that more young people will develop an interest in STEM leading to potential future pathways.

The Young STEM Leader Programme (YSLP) is offered in two versions:

  • The non-formal version is offered at Curriculum for Excellence Second, Third and Fourth Levels (YSL2, YSL3 and YSL4). Young STEM Leaders (YSLs) are awarded digital badges and certificates for completing the award at any level.

  • The formal version is offered at SCQF Levels 4, 5 and 6 (YSL4, YSL5 and YSL6), credit rated by SQA and underpinned by learning outcomes and performance criteria for each level. In the formal version, credit points and Insight data are included.

To complete the award, young people are supported and assessed by a Tutor Assessor. It is anticipated that many YSLs will become STEM Ambassadors on completion of the programme.

Led by SSERC, the award is funded by the Scottish Government and supported by the three STEM Ambassador Hubs in Scotland.

How can STEM Ambassadors get involved?

As a STEM Ambassador, there are two main ways you can support the Young STEM Leader programme and there is training available for both.

  1. Become a trained Tutor Assessor and run the Young STEM Leader Programme in a club, community group or school. You would support young people to complete all stages of the programme (formal, non-formal or both) and be the person responsible for assessment and/or verification.

  2. Support young people in a school, youth or community group to achieve their Young STEM Leader award by assisting with particular elements of the programme. For example:

  • You could help train the YSLs to deliver a resource you’re familiar with.

  • You could support as a subject matter expert on a particular aspect of the programme e.g. health & safety.

  • You could help YSLs by providing resources and advice.

  • YSLs could support an event or activity you’re delivering to a group of individuals.

How to get started

If you want to become a trained Tutor Assessor training is available through the Young STEM Leader team. Training is offered for non-formal levels, formal levels or all levels and takes two hours. Book at

For most STEM Ambassadors, however, supporting groups of YSLs will be more suitable. A training session has been developed specifically for STEM Ambassadors to help you do this, it will give you the knowledge of how the programme works and examples of the types of support you can give. You will also hear from the STEM Ambassador Hub about how to best connect with Young STEM Leader delivering centres via the database.

Supporting the Young STEM Leader Programme as a STEM Ambassador training takes place on Thursday 23 July, 16.00 - 17.00. Places can be booked on our events page.


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