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How to Write the Perfect Public Profile

There are lots of new features and great ways to improve your profile on the STEM Ambassadors database; this blog will show you how to access them!

It is really useful to have a profile that is as full as possible, it helps us find and match Ambassadors with the activities best suited to their skillset!

Having a short biography that tells us a little bit more about you is key to this. Just a quick introduction that highlights your career, your skillset and what you can bring to educators as an Ambassador is all that is needed.

We have recently introduced public profiles to our database. Now educators and Youth Group Leaders can click on your profile and learn a bit more about you. This means that educators can find and contact the Ambassadors that best match the skillset they are looking for. Like your short biography, a quick introduction is all that’s needed, but this information will be public, so make sure you are happy for all the information in your public profile to be viewed!

If you need some help writing your public profile, feel free to use the following structure:

1. Your career and study background

2. Your STEM ambassador credentials and reasons for becoming an ambassador

3. Your hobbies and interests (these can help us find ambassadors for more specific activities)

You can find the public profile tab along the top line above where you input general profile information in your STEM Ambassador account. I have included a picture of where you will find it below:

Ambassadors also now have the option to add their pronouns to their account. This can be found in the About Me tab, as you can see below!

If you have any questions about how to make the most from your profile, you can speak directly with other Ambassadors using the Ambassador Community or contact the STEM Ambassador Scotland hub at


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