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My STEM Friend

An exciting pen-pal style connection between STEM Ambassadors and young learners.

As part of British Science Week 2023, to coincide with the theme of ‘Connections’ we are delighted to bring you the My STEM Friend project! My STEM Friend is an exciting opportunity for learners to connect with real-life STEM professionals and learn about the practical applications of science, technology, engineering and mathematics!

The My STEM Friend project is a unique and engaging opportunity for learners to discover more about STEM in a real-life context via a pen-pal style communication. Classes will be matched with a STEM Ambassador who will then send them an introductory postcard via email, explaining who they are, what they do, a photograph and some general information on the STEM Ambassador.

The class (either as a full class, or groups/individuals) can then research and investigate their matched STEM Ambassadors job role and write a response letter filled with lots of questions and thoughts on STEM.

The matched STEM Ambassador will then send a response letter answering the learners’ questions and thoughts on their STEM journey and career!

This is a great opportunity for STEM Ambassadors to develop an ongoing connection with a class, and we would encourage STEM Ambassadors, if possible, to visit the school once the project is over to continue the connection!

If you are a TEACHER and would like to sign up click here to fill out the form.

If you are a STEM AMBASSADOR and would like to sign up click here to fill out the form.


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