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National Numeracy and STEM Ambassadors Collaborate to Train Numeracy Champions

National Numeracy collaborated with the STEM Ambassador in Scotland Hub to establish the Numeracy Champion programme, with the overarching objective of instilling a sense of confidence and positivity towards maths among young learners and families. The programme seeks to empower its participants to become effective Numeracy Champions by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and tools to support young learners in developing a positive attitude to maths, as well as helping parents overcome their own obstacles when engaging with the subject.

The Becoming a Numeracy Champion training placed significant emphasis on examining the relationship between gender and STEM. Given the higher prevalence of math anxiety amongst women compared to men, and the gender gap that persists in STEM professions, it was unanimously acknowledged that a critical aspect of the Numeracy Champions responsibilities would be to assist young learners in surmounting these challenges.

Our STEM Ambassadors seized the moment to demonstrate the wide-ranging support available through our Hub, including access to STEM Ambassador assistance and showcasing the convenience of our digital activity sharing platform. They also shared their valuable insights on the STEM Ambassador programme, sharing examples of volunteering they had undertaken, such as ‘breaking stereotypes’ initiatives, where schools requested women in STEM to deliver career talks to young learners.

The feedback received from the training has been immensely positive, with an overwhelming 93% of respondents indicating that they feel much more confident in support individuals with their numeracy. Notably, the participants’ comprehension of numeracy concerns linked to gender has significantly improved as well. Several of the participants where STEM Ambassadors themselves, and have since utilised the knowledge they gained to provide valuable math and numeracy assistance to others.

We are thrilled to have been part of this exceptional and significant training, and are eagerly anticipating the incredible contributions that the newly-trained National Numeracy Champions will make in the world of STEM!


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