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Survey Summary - thank you, STEM Ambassadors!

Thank you to the 116 STEM Ambassadors that completed the survey that we sent out at the start of March. It was great to receive your feedback and it will help us to make sure that your views and comments are included in our plans going forward.

Here are some things we have taken away from your responses.

More communication about specific volunteer opportunities.

  • We will contact you about opportunities based on your location and preferences on your profile roughly once a month (update your address and preferences via your profile)

  • We will contact you based on the scheme you are associated with, you can join a scheme by updating your profile on the skills & qualifications tab – here are examples of some of the schemes you can join; Go Construct, One Million Interactions (space), Forestry, Aquaculture, Scottish Food and Drink and more

Offers function has worked well for several STEM Ambassadors.

  • We will run Offers training sessions to help more you utilise this tool, sign up to the first session here

  • We will support teachers to express interest in more offers and convert offers into activity

  • We will deliver This is Me, I am a STEM Ambassador Workshops which will help you to develop an offer, sign up here

More requests from schools and see wider range of activity requests.

  • We will continue to develop our teacher mailing list and continue to communicate with our education contacts, including raising awareness of the range of sectors/subjects included in STEM

  • We will encourage you to use offers tool so teachers can understand what is available (see above section)

  • We realise that teachers/organisers won’t always know what to request so we will encourage you to look at requests more broadly to see how your role can fit, join a Get Active session

Interest in training.

  • We will regularly highlight training events (online and in-person) on our events page of our website, include events in our newsletter and send out reminders and browse our training What’s on guide now

  • There were several requests for presentation skills and public speaking focused training so we will research some options for this, including organising another Secrets of Science Communication training

We hope you find this information useful and thank you once again to all those that contributed. We aim to continue to improve your experience and ensure you get the most out of being a STEM Ambassador – please get in touch by email if you have any questions,


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