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This is Me, I am a STEM Ambassador - Training for STEM Ambassadors

This is Me – I am a STEM Ambassador is a really easy way for new and existing STEM Ambassadors to get involved by creating a simple, impactful, and memorable presentation to showcase themselves as a STEM Ambassador. Primarily, with online communication in mind, STEM Ambassadors are asked to prepare a short 2/3 slide presentation and a three-minute talk. This focuses individuals to really think about what to include to show their work and inspirations.

Preparing a This Is Me presentation is a must for new to programme STEM Ambassadors and we encourage all STEM Ambassadors to attend a training session. It builds confidence and helps improve communication skills for different audiences.

STEM Ambassador Hubs run frequent training sessions open to all ambassadors, they are short sessions so that you can see exactly is needed, to give you ideas and to show how we use this resource.

At the session, we will take you through slide content, key components for a punchy two minute talk, how teachers can use this resource and how to place an ‘Offer’ on the STEM Ambassador platform.

Find the next training dates below and sign up (you will need to be logged into your STEM Learning account)



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17th January


24th January


9th February


28th February


9th March


30th March


14th June



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