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Upskill and Engage Primary Programme - get involved!

We are delighted to announce our biggest targeted STEM Ambassador Programme to date, recruiting now and starting in March 2023 we are looking for 50 super keen STEM Ambassadors and 50 Primary School classes from across Scotland to be part of this exciting new programme.

What is it?

Our Upskill and Engage Programme targets early intervention from STEM Ambassadors in Primary Schools to help young people to increase their STEM Capital from an early age and create sustained and meaningful engagements for young people across Scotland.

Research shows that young people start to make career defining choices from as early as seven years old so we want to make sure they know all about the many wonderful STEM careers that exist.

We also know it's not easy for ambassadors to know how to tailor their activities to our younger learners and that is where this programme aims to make things easier for ambassadors and teachers to work together for the best possible outcome for students.

Ambassadors - what's in it for you?

If you decide to become part of the programme you will benefit from 3 bespoke training sessions created to help you understand what is needed in a Primary School setting, build your confidence and skills in STEM engagement and give you hands on activity ideas to take into schools which you can link to your own role.

Training will be delivered by Education Lecturer Dr Richard Holmes and Science Communicator, Sam Langford.

Science Communicator Sam Langford in action

You will also have access to a resource pack full of hint, tips and ideas for school engagement's as well as child friendly ways of gathering feedback to help you constantly improve your offerings.

That's not all - we will find a school in your area that you can go into after your training to deliver the activities you have learned and help you build a relationship with teachers and pupils which will have a lasting impact.

Interested? - Sign up here

Educators - what's in it for you?

STEM Ambassadors coming into a classroom has been shown to raise STEM Capital, provide positive STEM role models and help to bring STEM subjects to live, however we know how important it is for our ambassadors to be able to engage correctly for the age and stage of their young audience.

We also know that sustained engagements have far more impact than one off interactions and that young people learn better through hands on experiences, in this programme we aim to give our ambassadors the skills and tools to work in a way that makes all this possible.

STEM Ambassadors demonstrating construction skills through hands on activities

Successful schools* will have access to an information session led by Dr Richard Holmes lecture in Education at Dundee University on how to make the most of STEM Ambassadors in the classroom, but more importantly...

Your class will be matched to a nearby ambassador who will come into the classroom to deliver a series of 3 activities throughout April - June 2023, encouraging discussion of STEM topics and linking them to their career.

We hope to build lasting, quality relationships with the World of Work for all the young people involved.

To find out more and apply to be part of the programme- sign up here

For further information or any queries email

* We have spaces for 50 schools so cannot guarantee a place for all applicants, this programme is focused on early and first level however consideration will also be given to second level learners.


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