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Volunteers Week 2021

Every year the 1 - 7 June is Volunteers Week and we enjoy taking the time to think about how we say thank you to our amazing STEM Ambassadors!

This year we wanted to recognise and celebrate the achievement of our STEM Ambassadors who continued to engage with the programme during the Covid-19 Pandemic, ensuring that learners were still getting opportunities to learn more about the world of STEM.

Introducing the Lockdown Legend digital badge!

This is our small way of saying thank you and providing recognition of the contribution that has been made. An email will be sent to all eligible STEM Ambassadors on Monday 31 May, if you don't receive an email but think you should - get in touch!

We know that it has been a difficult 14 months and it's not always been possible for all our STEM Ambassadors to volunteer. We've running regular 'Get Active' sessions to help any of our STEM Ambassadors to start volunteering again.


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