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Where Maths can take you - Buddila Wijeyesekera (Design Engineer)

Hi my name is Buddila. I am a Mechanical and a Renewable Energy engineer. I had a keen interest and a passion towards Math and Sciences at School. I was also curious about how things worked. Hence, I chose a career in engineering. During my 2nd year of the undergraduate program, I developed a keen interest and a passion towards energy and sustainability engineering. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wolverhampton and then went onto complete my masters in Renewable and Sustainable Energy technologies offered by the Northumbria University in Newcastle.

Maths is used in different ways in my job. I use math to do specific calculations in designing a variety of engineering systems. Together with physics math is a vital subject for us engineers. Apart from the technical design calculations we also use math to prepare costing sheets (budget documents) for different engineering projects.

Engineering is a career choice which most people know about. Its about the math and sciences. By combining we can make a positive change in the world. Engineers will not have a day in their lives where they don’t use math, Math is a key subject any kind of engineer would have to have studied at school. If you like to make a change in the world by designing stuff using math then engineering is the choice of career for you.

Currently I am working on a very interesting renewable energy project which involves a lot of math. It looks into how we can combine two renewable energy sources and design a more efficient energy system for a domestic system. The two resources that I am currently working on are wind and solar energy. The design and technical calculations for the wind turbine has been successfully completed. Currently designing the solar energy components for the system.

Even though in the word “STEM”, E and M stands for two things they are interconnected. The math is the bread and butter for any engineer. Without math engineers wouldn’t have been able to come with the splendid innovations and designs that exists today.


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